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Old School Toys



You have the right to cancel your order(s) up to fourteen (14) days after receipt, without providing a reason.

After cancellation, you have another 14 days to return your item(s). You will then be credited the full amount according to our terms and conditions. The costs of returning an item from your location to Old School Toys is at your own expense. These costs are approximately seven euros and twenty-five cent (€7.25) per package. Please consult your carrier’s website for the exact current rates. 

If you exercise your right of withdrawal, the product will be returned to Old School Toys with all delivered accessories and - where possible - in its original condition and packaging. If the product is damaged or the packaging is unnecessarily damaged, which reduces the prospect of reselling the product, we may pass this reduction in value on to you. With this in mind, please treat the product with the utmost care and make sure it is boxed properly and securely packed when returning it. For each item that is returned, an amount of 0.50 euros will be deducted from the return amount.

To exercise this right of withdrawal, please contact us at [email protected]. We will then refund the total order amount within fourteen (14) days of reporting your order return, provided the returned product has already been received and is in good condition.

If a return is made for which the cause is not Old School Toys then the shipping costs will not be refunded. If free shipping has taken place because the total amount has reached a certain limit, the shipping costs that should have been paid will be deducted from the return amount, because in this case there is after all no amount achieved to qualify for free shipping.

We want to ensure the best customer care and provide the highest quality service. However, minor damage to packaging, paint defects or folds on comic pages are not covered by the free returns policy. Major damage to an item will always be listed on the product information page.

We have a huge range of Funko Pop products. We are also avid collectors and understand that the item and packaging must be in the best condition possible. Funko is a mass produced item and is manufactured in low-wage countries. It is therefore not considered a high-end collectible. As a result, paintwork or blemishes may be visible on the figure itself. The packaging is also fairly fragile so minor damage may occur. For these types of defects, the product may be returned at any time and item will be refunded, but the return costs are at the expense of the buyer; these costs are not covered by our returns procedure. Naturally, major defects will be listed on the product page and deducted from the price.

Old School Toys is not a “toy shop" but a collectable store, so the lion’s share of the items are not intended for children. These items are also produced with the adult collector in mind. If you remove a figure from its packaging and want to change its pose, never force it as it may prove difficult to do so at first. A helpful tip is to immerse the stiff part of the figure in hot water, leave it for a while and then carefully move the part until it moves smoothly. This applies particularly to Neca and Hasbro products. If an item should break due to “forced” use, it may not be returned and refunded.

Figures are often packaged in a plastic bubble attached to a backing card. This card often has a hook at the top which allows it to hang on the store shelf. If there is no hole in the card, this is referred to as an “unpunched” card. The opposite is known as a “punched” card. Old School Toys does not distinguish between unpunched and punched cards, and this also does not entitle you to free returns.

Neca has changed their packaging. Instead of using a plastic “hanger” to hang items on a store shelf, these are now made of cardboard and form a single material packaging. Unfortunately, this can regularly cause small cracks to appear on this hanger. This cannot be prevented and does not entitle you to free returns.

Old School Toys is a collector’s store and most of our customers are collectors who store items in unopened packaging. Once the packaging has been opened, the value dramatically decreases. If you return an opened package, we may pass this depreciation amount for the product on to you. With this in mind, please treat the product with the utmost care and make sure it is boxed properly and securely packed when returning it.

We also sell many loose items; these are second hand items that have been unpacked. As we never test electronic components, we are unable to provide any guarantee on them. The same applies to items which include spring mechanisms. If electrical or spring components do not work, this does not entitle you to a free return or discount.

Lighter plastic product parts frequently discolour due to age; this is a process that cannot be prevented. These items are not covered by our free returns policy.

Old School Toys is a collector’s store and therefore sells many vintage items. Some items may be decades old. We frequently sell items which have battery operated functions and already include a battery. Naturally, we do not re-open already opened packages. Unfortunately, batteries start leaking over time, which can sometimes cause irreparable damage. This is a fact we cannot change and means we cannot offer returns on these items.

If loose items are sold and a part is missing, this will always be stated in the product information. If a sticker is missing or there is a paint defect, this will not be stated. This does not entitle you to a free return or discount.

We insure over sixty percent (60%) of all shipments within the Netherlands and one hundred percent (100%) of all shipments sent to an address outside the Netherlands. We provide this service for the security of the buyer and ourselves. If an item incurs damage during the shipping process provided by the carrier, you must always keep the packaging used (the box and any padding material). The carrier’s insurance policy will only reimburse the cost of the order if photos of the box, original label and padding material are provided. If you no longer have these materials, we will be unable to use this insurance and be unable to reimburse you.

Requests to send only the best quality item or packaging will not be responded to. It’s possible to visit our physical store to view items prior to purchase.