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Customer information


Ordering products on our site is quick and easy. Using the search engine or browsing the site will take you to the results pages. Click on a product title or picture, this will take you to the product page. Here you will find a product description, with an order link next to it. Please note: many products are listed with a catalogue photo, i.e. a photo provided by the supplier. It is possible that there will be minor differences between the photo and the actual product. If you click on the add to basket link, the product will be added to your virtual shopping basket. You can update the contents of your shopping basket, empty it completely or simply continue shopping. If you change your mind and no longer want the item, click on the remove item button and confirm. The item will then be removed from your shopping basket. Once you have all the products you want in your shopping basket, you can place the actual order. The overview page of the products in your shopping basket is the first of several pages that will guide you through the ordering process.

Order Process

Placing an order on our website is easy. The process consists of five steps; each one is clearly explained below.

  1. Adding a product to your shopping basket leads to step one in the order process; your shopping basket. Click on ‘Checkout’ to go to the next step or click on ‘Continue shopping’ to return to the product pages.
  2. Step two allows you to choose your delivery address. You can select a previously added address or add a new one.
  3. Step three allows you to choose your payment method. Please note that some payment methods apply certain restrictions. You will be asked to provide this information every time you place an order. After checking the information provided on this screen, click on ‘Complete order'.
  4. Step four is: ‘Complete order'. All information relating to your order can be viewed here and can still be updated if required. If you decide to change anything, you will return to step one. If you click on ‘next', your browser will go to a secure page where you can complete your order.
  5. In the fifth and final step, your order will be processed. This screen provides the option to view the order in your account or continue browsing our webshop.


Our policy is not to request more information than is absolutely necessary.

You can change or add information to your account at any time. To send your order, we require a shipping and billing address. If this information is unknown when you place your order, we will ask you to add it to your account. Your information will be stored in your account. This information will then be accessible the next time you log in to our website.

Personal Data

We do not use cookies, so they are not collected and stored. We do not share information with third parties. We do not use your data for any other purpose than sending your order, the only exception being if you choose to subscribe to our newsletter, in which case you will receive our newsletter when it is published. You have complete control over your data and can view or delete it at any time.

Encrypted payment pages

Like most trusted sites, we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to protect your private information during online transactions.

SSL is the standard for online transactions and is supported by Firefox, Microsoft Edge and other popular browsers. We use it to encrypt sensitive information before a transaction. This prevents information being accessed and read during a transaction.


The prices on our website always include VAT. As well as VAT, you will also see information in the order process about the final price.

  • The total VAT of the product(s) you want to order.
  • Potential shipping costs. (If applicable), the VAT amount on delivery costs, which must be applied by law.
  • The total amount of the products you have ordered.

Delivery Time

All products listed on the website are currently in stock at Old School Toys. After receiving payment, the item(s) will be shipped on the same day or, at the latest, the following day. The exceptions here being Saturday and Sunday.

Delivery times depend on the method of payment you have used.

Shipping Rates

Old School Toys applies fixed shipping rates to its orders. Shipping costs within the Netherlands are always seven euros (€7.00), irrespective of whether you have purchased one product or one hundred items. And if you place an order which amounts to more than one hundred euros (€100), shipping costs to a Dutch address are completely free. Shipping costs for other countries are once again fixed, whether you buy one product or one hundred items. Check the shipping costs for the country of destination in the checkout screen. We only ship items using track and trace, to enable both the buyer and seller to check the status of the shipment at any time. You will receive a confirmation email that includes all shipping information and a link which allows you to track the shipment.

Payment Methods

You can choose from the following payment methods.

  • iDeal
  • Bank transfer / prepayment
  • PayPal
  • Bancontact
  • Giropay
  • Apple Pay
  • Pay by cash in our physical store.
  • Pay by card in our physical store.
  • Select the payment method you want to use.

We guarantee a safe shopping experience when visiting our website and hope you enjoy looking at our items. We use the most up-to-date online payment systems to ensure a secure shopping environment.

Returns Policy

See the information on our Returns page.