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Old School Toys

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About Old School Toys

We mainly sell toys and are specialists in Star Wars and Funko products, as well as comics. We apply standard shipping rates. For deliveries in the Netherlands this is €7 and shipping is free for orders over €100 in the Netherlands, regardless of the amount of products you purchase. View our other shipping rates in the payment screen.

We only send orders that are insured and via track and trace. For shipping outside of the Netherlands, recorded delivery is also applied. This allows us to be sure that your items always arrive safely.

History of Old School Toys

I've been a Star Wars obsessive ever since I was a child. I still remember the toy shops that used to display Kenner Star Wars products. I used to spend hours in these shops, looking around and holding every item again and again. My Star Wars collection grew and grew until Star Wars products were no longer available in the shops. Unfortunately, my collection was a long way from completion, and it became increasingly difficult to track down hard to find items. This was all a long time before the internet arrived. Occasionally, I was able to trade items with peers and fellow collectors, and I could also do this at flea markets.

Then I started to go to trade fairs and conventions, which is where I was fortunate to find some more Star Wars figures to add to my collection. Yet this also failed to generate mountains of new items.

When the internet emerged, a whole new world gradually opened up. I discovered eBay, which was an incredible market place for collectors at the time, and this was soon followed by Marktplaats. I started buying up larger collections to secures the items I was still looking for, then I would resell the rest to finance future purchases. This became a pretty successful enterprise.

Kenner started to produce new Star Wars items and new films were released too. It was a great time. So naturally, I started collecting the new items too and my attic soon started to fill up. I opened a shop on eBay and sales continued to grow.

It was a wonderful time in my private life too, as my son was born. But his arrival meant I needed to create some space in the house, and this came at the expense of my collection. I decided to say goodbye to all the new Star Wars items in my collection and sell them. At the time, the best way to do this was by exhibiting at the International Collector’s Fair in Utrecht. This was so successful that I decided to focus even more on sales. I created a webshop and started selling items on it as well as via my eBay shop. 

This involved a lot of trial and error, until I reached a point where orders started to substantially increase. We also tried to exhibit at every trade and collector’s fair possible, which helped in the steady growth of our business and reputation.

In 2012, I took the decision to allow a professional website and online store to be built. The knowledge of the website designers, combined with my own knowledge of toys, lead to the formulation of a single objective; to be the leading store for toys and pop culture. This is still my mission and we continue to work hard towards realising it every single day!

The new webshop really started to pay off. Next to my day job, I was working more than 60 hours a week on my main passion, Old School Toys.

In 2014, I decide to focus solely on Old School Toys, which lead to the opening of my first physical store. On 23 March 2014, our store in Horst opened its doors for the first time. From the opening weekend onwards, we warmly welcomed enthusiastic customers to our tiny and crammed store. Our operations very quickly outgrew these premises, which meant that on 29 May 2016, we opened at a new location three times as big as the first.

The growth of the business also resulted in changes to our product range; some product lines were removed while new ones were added. We added comics and Funko’s to our range. These product lines take up a lot of space, especially in the new store.

We welcome lots of visitors to the store every weekend. Some travel miles just to visit us, including people from abroad. The store is located in Horst, which is only a stone’s throw from both Germany and Belgium.

I’m really fortunate to be able to make my hobby my work. My passion for the sector knows no bounds and I hope to be able to share it with everyone. The Old School Toys “project” has limitless potential and I am constantly working with a large group of people to make Old School Toys an even more enjoyable experience for visitors. You, the customer, are key to everything we do.

Old School Toys, your one stop collectable shop!

Mark Nabben
Owner of Old School Toys

We are also buy both old and new toys and comics, so if you have anything of interest please send us an email.

If you have any questions, please contact us.